Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some logos, part I

Clockwise from top-left: Theater Space Project; Hunt Adkins; Midwest Gymnastics; Cahill Financial Advisors

Some logos, part II

Clockwise from top-left: AdFed Minnesota; Navitor (a large printing conglomerate); Blue Tractor Cook Shop; Social Venture Partners MN (venture capital for non-profits);

Some logos, part III

Clockwise from top-left: Blue Tractor Cook Shop; Motorious; Buca To-Go; Jake O'Connnors Public House (an upscale Irish restaurant on a Minnesotan lake)

Mastercraft Full-Line Brochure

Mastercraft is a high-end brand in the world of wakeboarding/waterskiing boats. This large brochure (17" x 11" closed) served as a dealer showcase for all of their boats.

Geek Squad booklet

This was a freelance job I did for Geek Squad, right after Best Buy acquired them. It was a two-sided brochure, where reading from one end talked about the "good" computers can offer (music, fun, etc.), while reading it from the other end talked about the "bad" that computers bring with them (viruses, crashes, etc.). 

HA Survival Knife

Okay, this one is really old, and it's like the 500th "holiday gift" I've posted, but I still like it. 

HA Red

A Hunt Adkins holiday gift. People like free wine. 

Al Frank Rebranding

This was a comprehensive re-branding of Al Frank asset management and mutual funds. I created new logos, sales materials, brochures, direct mail, etc. etc. The goal was to look like a reliable financial institution, while also appearing patient, zen-like and somewhat unorthodox.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hoover Microsite

This was a microsite (site-within-a-site) that was developed to demonstrate the key features of Hoover's three newest vacuums. The machines were rendered and animated in CG, then placed into a flash controller. The site can be seen in action here.

Caribou Coffee Holiday

While at Periscope, I designed all of the Holiday merchandise for Caribou Coffee, including the seasonal cups and coffee packaging. I was not responsible for the phrase "'bou wonderland."

Pinhole camera direct mail

This was a direct-mail piece that was intended to showcase special tool abilities at a local Printer, John Roberts. They requested a direct mail execution that would appeal to designers, and might be something they would keep in their offices. The camera, once assembled with glue, used 35mm film and took real pictures.

The Show - Call for Entries

For AdFed Minnesota's annual award show, we created the most hellish judge we could think of - an ultra prissy, uptight, narcissistic ad man from the 60's. The long poster was the mailed call for entries, the backside of which was a reformatted version of the print ad. The website had an impassable quiz and a snotty blog. The oil painting and matches were both produced for the actual award event.

Icarus Films Fold-ins

A writer and I did these as direct mail for a director friend in Milwaukee. It took all three of us to handle different aspects of the illustration.


An online campaign for Prince Tennis. Specifically aimed at teen players, this site featured a pair of fictional twin brother and sister tennis superstars from the country of Skolvia. We made this site with something like $5 at our disposal. Full site can be seen at

Gigawatt Poster

A poster for the annual "Gigawatt" fundraising concert held by the U of M radio station, Radio K.

American Cancer Society

Various parts of a campaign to address the problem of smoking among college students. The concept was to mock their rationalization process in an engaging way. The website can be seen in more detail at:


The latest in guerilla marketing tactics - mugs! Yet another Hunt Adkins holiday gift.

Hobo Wine

Another fine Hunt Adkins self-promo team-up with writer Rob Franks who, incidentally, was also the illustrator. Who knew writers could draw? Sorry about the picture quality; we were drunk on wine.

The Minnesota Twins

Here is some work that I did with writer Rob Franks while we were at Hunt Adkins. The players were virtual unknowns, so we gave them exaggerated traits to turn them into modern tall-tales and give people a reason to care about the unproven squad.

Logo Lounge, Volume V

I recently heard that 4 of my logos will be included in the next edition of the Logo Lounge series of books. The logos are, clockwise from top-left: AdFed Minnesota; Cahill Financial Advisors; Blue Tractor Cook Shop (x2); 

bFoot Clothing WIP

This is an online store I am starting with a bigfoot-obsessed writer friend of mine. The site will sell T-shirts and polos, and should be online around Thanksgiving of this year.

Cellular South TV, Part II

Same Cellular South campaign, but this time with a new animator.

Cellular South TV, Part I

Here is a campaign that I art directed for Cellular South. The goal was to attack the hidden fees that essentially created fake unlimited plans at AT&T and elsewhere. They ended up being a tad more verbose than I would have liked, but I still think they're fun.